5 essential Edinburgh Fringe Festival experiences

5 essential Edinburgh Fringe Festival experiences

I love the Fringe Festival, it’s one of my favourite times in Edinburgh and I’ve been coming for years. Here’s 5 things I think everyone should do when coming to the festival.

1: Run the Royal Mile gauntlet

Crowded, busy and with everyone trying to give you flyers for their show I can understand why some people try to avoid it. But to me it is a central point of the Fringe so get involved and embrace it.

Royal Mile Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Watch some of the really talented street performers (don’t forget some spare change to tip them) and soak up the atmosphere.

Buskers at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

I also like to play a bit of a game when it comes to flyers which has two options. Options 1 see who can get the most flyers or option two who can end up with the least flyers, you get bonus points if you can manage to get none!

2: Play Russian roulette at the half price ticket hut

From the second week of the Festival the half-price tickets hut opens. There you can grab tickets for shows that day for half the price. My favourite thing to do is to pick a random show starting in the next hour and go see it.

Most tickets cost under £5 so you’ve got nothing to lose.

3: See a stand-up comedian

Comedy is definitely a staple of the Fringe Festival & no matter what your sense of humour is you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

If you’re not sure where to start, which is totally understandable there are well over 1,000 comedy shows to pick from, I recommend going to a compilation show like Spank. They bring together lots of different acts so it gives you a really flavour of your options.

Compilation shows are also great for people who are short on time.

Guilded Baloon Edinburgh Fringe Festival

4: Think out the box

There is every type of show imaginable on during the Fringe and it is really easy to stick to what you know. I always try to see at least one type of show that isn’t comedy, if you’re looking for something easy to start with there are lots of acrobatic or circus shows.

5: Grab a drink at a pop up bar

The Festival and drinking are a marriage made in heaven. Now obviously all the normal bars are open but there are also lots of different pop up bars and gardens that are only open for the festival.

George Square is a great place to start as it is really central and has an amazing atmosphere, even when it is raining.


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