Cheap things to do in Krakow

Cheap things to do in Krakow

If you’re heading to Krakow on a budget don’t worry there are lots of great free and cheap things to do.

1: Join a free walking tour

I always think the free walking tours are a great way to get your bearings in a new city.  There is a couple of different options I did one in the old town  but you can also do one in the Jewish Quarter.

cloth hall

Cost: free

2: Go down to  Rynek Underground museum

Go under the Market Square to see how the different layers have built up over the years and learn more about Krakow’s early history. The square has been built up over the years and that’s the reason you need to go down steps to get into a lot of the shops that surround the square.

The museum makes really good use of multimedia with information available in lots of languages, the only downside was there was only a few screens and the amount of information was a little bit overwhelming.


You do need to book your time slot in advance. I was able to book for the same day but I was travelling by myself, if you’re in a bigger group you will need to book in advance.

Cost: 19 Zolty (about £3.80)

3: Visit Schindler’s factory

I found this an incredibly moving experience as you are able to see a large amount of video testimonials for individuals talking about their personal experience.

It gives you a really good overview of the experience of the Jews during the German occupation.  One of the moments that stuck out for me was walking through a replica of the ghetto, I’d never realised that the walls had been built to look like gravestones. Walking through this small section of the museum was very powerful as it felt so oppressive, I couldn’t imagine how horrible it must have been for people living in those ghettos, it definitely made me appreciate how lucky I am to live the life I live with all of the freedoms I have.

You do need to book your time slot in advance. I was able to book for the same day but I was travelling by myself, if you’re in a bigger group you will need to book in advance.

Cost:  21 Zolty* (about £4.20)

You can buy a ticket for the Memory Trail which includes Pomorska Street, the Eagle Pharmacy, Schindler’s Factory for 23 Zolty. I choose this option and found all three really interesting, it just depends how much time you have.

4: Try some vodka

Well it would be rude not to. I found a fun little bar called Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa. You can get a vodka and coke for 8PLN (about £1.60) and they’ve got a great range of vodka shots for 4 Zolty (about 80p).

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa

Cost: Depends how many types of vodka you try

5: Grab a coffee at Collegium Maius

The oldest university building in Krakow is now a museum, you can go into the courtyard for free where there is a musical clock (unfortunately it wasn’t working when I was there).

Collegium Maius

There is a really cute little coffee shop there where you can sit and enjoy the view. And don’t forget to try and spot the dragons.

Cost: Free unless you want a caffeine hit

6: Check out the posters at Galeria Plakatu

Poland has a great history of graphic art and poster design, this little shop is the perfect place to check it out.  They’ve got binders full of hundreds of examples for you to have a look through.


Cost: Free unless you buy something, I got 2 postcard for 4PLN or about 80p

7: Visit Wawel Cathedral

I loved the quirkiness of this building , the main building is gothic in style but the style of the chapels that have been built around it are all different.

While you are there stop by the Dragon’s Den. Ok this is cheesy as hell but it is fun and every so often he even breathes fire.

Cost: Free, unless you want to visit the Royal Tombs & museum then ticket 12PLN (about £2.40).

8: Cross Father Bernatek’s Bridge

Walk across the bridge and admire the acrobatic sculptures which appeared on the bridge one evening.

Father Bernatek’s Bridge

Cost: Free

9: Be surprised at the Church of St. Franics of Assisi

There are lots of different churches to visit in Krakow. The thing I love about this one is it looks a little bit plain from the outside but when you get inside it has lovely rich colours and beautiful stain glass windows.

Church of St. Franics of Assisi glass

Cost: Free

10: Climb the steps at St. Mary’s Tower

I do feel it is only fair to tell you there are 239 steps to climb! But when you get to the top the views of the Old Town and Market Square are well worth the climb.

cloth hall

Cost: 15 PLN or about £3

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