Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo

Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo

To help brighten up the winter nights a friend and I headed to the lantern festival at Edinburgh Zoo. The lanterns where even more impressive than I thought they would be with beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Lantern chimps at Edinburgh Zoo

As you enter you walk through a Chinese lantern tunnel which gives a very grand and magical start to your visit. As you wander around the one mile trail you’ll come across lots of different animals (unfortunately all of the real ones where tucked up in bed). My favourite had to be the penguins partly because they had the music from Frozen playing.

penguin lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo

Don’t forget to visit the Temple of Heaven which is guarded by a huge Chinese dragon. There you can find out which Chinese Zodiac birth sign you are and discover if you’re personality matches the description.

dragon lantern

During the evening there were performances from Chinese Acrobats at an outdoor theatre. Personally I was a little bit disappointed in the show, however all the children in the audience where loving it. So maybe one to skip unless you’re there with some kids. Just be warned you get pretty cold watching it as you’re standing still and the area is very exposed to the elements.

It was pretty cold when we were there and the lake with the flamingo lanterns had frozen over.

flamingo ;lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo

We had a really enjoyable evening and I was really glad we went. It is a really family orientated event so very different to the Zoo Late Nights. Tickets for adults are £18.50 with family tickets starting from £58 which can make it a bit of an expensive evening.

You can book tickets on the zoo’s website or depending on when you want to go you may be able to grab yourself some cheaper tickets on groupon or itison.

The lantern festival is on until 25 February.

snail lanterns

lantern house

Like it, pin it

Visiting the giant lantern festival at Edinburgh Zoo


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