Gleneagles spa day

Time for a bit of old school luxury with a spa day at Gleneagles.

Te waiting area at Gleneagles spa
Ok my name is Amy and I have a problem I love a spa day! So for my second spa day of the month (don’t judge me) I headed to Gleneagles with a friend.

We bought a spa package which included a body cocoon treatment, two course lunch and access to the thermal experience. We arrived about 30 minutes before our treatment so relaxed in a really tranquil room, put our feet up and grab a coffee.

I really enjoyed the body cocoon experience which left my skin feeling amazing. But it was a bit weird when the therapist had to warn me not to slip of the other side when getting on the bed as there was a plastic sheet under the towels. I was laughing my head of getting on the treatment bed! Next up they brush you down, I felt like I was a horse being groomed! Before adding the treatment and wrapping you up in plastic. This really isn’t the treatment for you if you’re claustrophobic. After a quick shower the treatment is finished with a massage.

Before grabbing some lunch we tried out the thermal experience, which for me was a little bit on the small side.

Gelneagles spa thermal experience

Spa at Gelneagles
The lunch itself was so good. I was really impressed that the whole menu was diary & gluten free which meant lots of tasty options if you’ve got a food intolerance. I had the vegetable pad thai which was packed full of flavour, but so filling I couldn’t finish it. I followed this up with some raw chocolate cakes (well it would have been rude not to!). Which was lovely but a bit rich for me.


Pad thai

There were a couple of downsides to the day, I didn’t find the receptionists very welcoming and the entrance to the spa didn’t give you that instant relaxation feeling which you get with some others. When you check in they don’t make it clear you’re welcome to use the main swimming pool area, which has a great adult only area which is worth a visit.

Main pool Gleneagles
If you order any extras it quickly mounts up, a glass of Rose was £9 and my coffee was £4, so just be careful as you could quickly run up a big bill.

The main thermal experience is well laid out, but it is really quite small and was missing the wow factor. I’d also not recommend going to the thermal experience in a mixed sex group as most of the experience is spilt into male and female only.

I definitely left very relaxed, the treatment was amazing (if a little entertaining) & the food was really tasty. If you are going I’d recommend getting a treatment as I don’t think the thermal experience on its own would feel like enough. The whole spa day cost me £135, so definitely one to save for a special occasion or treat.


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