DIY: Upcycle a table

DIY: Upcycle a table

A really simple way to upcycle a table is to paint it. I used two colours to create this look and painted one of the legs a different colour to give it a bit of a pop.

Having just bought a flat in Edinburgh I’m a little bit poor, which means I’ve had to be creative with how I fill the space. I got this dining room table from my sister as they didn’t need it anymore, it didn’t quite go with the kitchen so I decided to give it a bit of an update.

Step 1: Decide what you’re going to do

So I always like to start with Pinterest, have a look at my upcycled tables board which has plenty of inspiration. I knew I wanted to keep it fairly simple, but not too boring so decided on using two colours.

I found these metal chairs (they were £20 each) in Ikea that I loved so decided to get them & to paint the table to match.

Step 2: Pick your paint

I wanted a satin finish as I wanted a soft sheen to the finish but if you want a matt look chalk paint is a great option.

I picked Rust-Oleum furniture paint in Slate and Teal.


Step 3: Cleaning and sanding

I didn’t sand the whole of the table just any rough bits that I wanted to get rid of. I also gave the table a good clean as it had been sitting in my parent’s garage for a little while.


Step 4: Paint the top of the table

I started by painting the top of the table in the Slate. I used a brush to go around the edges and then a mini roller for the rest to avoid brush strokes.


Step 5: Paint the legs

Once the top was dry I flipped the table over to get the legs done. I painted one of the legs and the sides in the Teal before painting the rest in the Slate.


All finished and ready to start having people for dinner!


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