Learning to live with uncertainty

Learning to live with uncertainty

If we’re being honest the last couple of years have been crazy. I mean Indy Ref, Brexit, General Election and maybe Indy Ref 2!

It is safe to say there is a lot of uncertainty about our future and the direction that things are going at the moment and that can be very, very uncomfortable.

There have been points where I’ve been worried about what may be on its way. Will we go in to another recession? Will the NHS become private? Will there be no jobs? Will house prices plummet? And will the price of food skyrocket?

The truth is no-one knows! We were told that it would be economic disaster as soon as we voted for Brexit, but so far it hasn’t been too bad. Remember even the experts are in unchartered territory.

There has definitely been times where all this uncertainty has made me very worried, so I thought I share some of the things I’ve been doing to try to survive the mad world we currently live in.

Don’t put off things

Because so much isn’t known it is really easy to put off big decisions like buying a property or moving job but don’t!

I was in the process of buying a new build flat as the Brexit vote happened. Let’s just say there was a mini-meltdown and panic over how the result would affect my mortgage and the value of my flat.

After a lot of panic I now live in my lovely flat, there was no problem with my mortgage and house prices in my area have risen around 5% since I bought.  Which if I’d put everything on hold would have meant I needed a bigger deposit & mortgage.

Plus they’re predicting house prices will rise by over 23% in Edinburgh in the next four years , which would completely price me out of the market.

My lovely new living room & storage in my bathroom, everything is a still a bit of a work in process.

It is ok not to read, watch or listen to the news

Some time you need to take a break from the information overload that is our lives.  And if the uncertainty is making you feel uneasy some of the headlines and news is not going to help.

Plus the reality is everyone is just speculating at the moment anyway, pretty much based on gossip, so there isn’t a lot of point listening.

Every now and then I’ll go in to news blackout, I’ll completely ignore what’s going on for a couple of days.

Money matters

So one of the biggest things about all this uncertainty that’s making me feel super stressed is all this talk of recessions and inflation getting crazy. So I’ve decided to start trying to manage my money a bit better.

I started by tracking what I’m spending using apps. It became clear very quickly I waste of lot of money on lunches, magazines and coffees.  So I’ve started taking packed lunches to work, ditched my magazine habit and I’m making very slow progress on my coffee addiction. Well you can’t win them all.

I’ve also started saving a little every month, just to start building a safety net. If you’ve bought a flat you know it is like setting a bomb off in your savings, there isn’t a lot left.


This is one of the best things you can do and one of the hardest. I’ve been working a lot on this recently and I’m definitely noticing an improvement in the way I’ve been feeling about different situations. And this is one that can help with lots of situation.

At the moment there isn’t really anything I can do to change the way things are. I also can’t hurry up the process so I have more certainty of what is happening. Although that could be a double edge sword, I may not like where we’re heading.

So all I can do is accept this is the way it is.

I hope everything that’s going on at the moment hasn’t got you too stressed! I’d love to know if you’ve got any tip for dealing with uncertainty.

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