Queensferry Crossing Experience

A once in a lifetime experience for a lucky few! And I was one of them.

When I saw there was going to be the opportunity to walk across the Queensferry Bridge I knew I had to enter the ballot.

I live in Edinburgh but my family are all in Fife so I’ve spent a lot of sitting in traffic watching the new bridge being built. It’s been fascinating watching it all come together and it just appearing out of the water over the years.

I entered my mum, dad, brother and I into the ballot but wasn’t really expecting to get the chance as there were 50,000 tickets and 226,000 people entered.

I was delighted when I got the email to say we’d got tickets, less happy about it being 8.55am on a Sunday morning. However this turned out to be a great thing as we were the first crossing of the day.
People waiting to cross the Queenferry Bridge
The whole experience was really well organised, including them having golf buggies on standby in case you couldn’t complete the crossing.
People crossing bridge
The bridge itself is really beautiful and looks like giant sails coming out of the Forth. It wasn’t until you were standing on the bridge under one of the sails that you really got an understanding of just how big the bridge is.
Sails on queensferry crossing
One of the things I noticed was it wasn’t windy, thanks to the new wind barriers, which mean the bridge should only have to close in extremely high winds.

Wind barriers on bridge

The whole crossing took just over an hour (and 6,000 steps). I had an awesome time and felt really privileged to take part in the event.

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