Visiting the Ice Kingdom at Edinburgh Christmas

Visiting the Ice Kingdom at Edinburgh Christmas

Unicorns, squirrels, bagpipers and bridges the ice kingdom takes you on a journey through Scotland’s history combining ice sculptures of mythical creatures and historical figures.

As you enter the kingdom you are greeted by a 3m tall unicorn.

unicorn ice sculpture

As you follow the snowy path you find fairies, sheep and everything else you can imagine. Seeing the ice glinting as the lights hit does feel pretty special and the attention to detail on the sculptures is really impressive.

horse ice sculpture

bagpiper ice sculpture

ice sculpture at the Ice Kingdom at Edinburgh Christmas 2017

As you come to the end of your journey there is an ice bar where you can buy a hot toddy to warm yourself up, trust we you’ll need it.

Is it worth going?

Well at £10 for an adult ticket and £7 for children over 2 it is pretty easy for this to work out as an expensive trip. You do probably only spend about 20 minutes in there which is still a lot longer than most of the rides.  Plus I imagine it costs a lot of money to run with the sculpture taking months to make and needing to be kept at -10.

Overall I felt it is worth visiting if you have younger children as they’ll really enjoy it. I went along with my friend and her one year old son who had lots of fun spotting all the animals. But if you’re going without children I’d recommend visiting something like Christmas at the Botanics instead.

Need to know

The event is on up till 24 December 2017 and is open from 10am with the last booking at 7.30pm. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the Edinburgh Christmas website or from one of their box offices.

The event takes place on George Street and don’t forget to wrap up warm, as it is absolutely freezing inside. You’ll probably spend around 20-30 minutes there to fully appreciate it.

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  1. 22nd December 2017 / 10:59 am

    That looks pretty cool (pun totally intended). We went to the Botanics the other day and thought it was pretty good, but I don’t really think it was worth £16. That said, I’d love to go back at some point to actually explore the gardens. We walked past this the other day and were half tempted but like you said, £10 for 20 minutes is quite expensive. I think we need to coax our nephew up here next Christmas so we can get excited about it like a kid would.

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