Visiting the Wielickzka Salt Mines

Visiting the Wielickzka Salt Mines

If any place needs a rebrand it is these Salt Mines as calling it that although factual really undersells the beautiful world that has been created.

For obvious reasons you can’t go down the mines and wander around by yourself but their guided tours are available in several languages and start regularly.

tunnels in the Salt Mines

As you head down the 350 steps to get into the mines the temperature starts to drop, so don’t forget to take some layers with you. It is best to wear some sensible shoes and flip flops are best avoided as there are over 800 steps on the tour.

I did the Tourist route with a guide (who has brilliant) took us through 20 different chambers of the mine.  Although the route covers almost 3km it only takes you through 1% of the mine, they estimate it would take a month to view the whole salt mine.

One of the most beautiful chambers of the tour is the Chapel of St Kinga. Everything in the chapel was craved by miners apart from the recent addition of a statue of Pope John Paul II.

I loved the chandeliers in the chapel and all of the carvings in the wall, some people get married in here and you can totally see why.


Tickets for an English language your cost 89 PLN (about£18).

It is an extra 10 PLN (about £2) to take photos (which you’ll definitely want to do) you can buy this with your ticket or down in the mine.

Getting there


You can take the train from the Main Railway Station in Krakow (Dworzec Główny) to the Wieliczka Rynek Kopalnia train station. It takes around 20 minutes and costs 5 PLN (about £1) each way. I went by train and it was less than a 5 minute walk from the station to the entrance to the mine and was really easy to find.


You can get the 304 bus from Krakow. It takes around 40 minutes and costs 3 PLN (about 60p).


There are lots of half day tour options from Krakow if you don’t fancy getting there by yourself.






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